The Noble Isle collection is quintessentially British utilising natural extracts carefully sourced from locally celebrated producers throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - bold, luxurious and inspired by the natural and cultural wealth of the British Isles. Only the finest fragrance and ingredients make it into the Noble Isle bath and body collection. Shunning the ordinary in favour of the original, Noble Isle have combined the finest fragrance and natural extracts with the best of design to create a luxurious collection of unisex bath, body and home fragrance products. Vegan friendly.

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We are proud stockists of Baressential – The Art of Soap. Creators and purveyors of natural handmade soap, Bare Essential combine imagination, art, ethics and plant power to make perfect pampering gifts. Lovingly crafted in Ireland using the traditional cold process method, each block of soap is poured, cut, bevelled and polished by hand without the use of machinery. Each product is natural and made using the finest raw ingredients, sourced ethically with respect for the environment. All the complex, evocative scents are created from a blend of high-quality essential oils. The soap forms a creamy lather that hydrates and conditions even the most sensitive of skins. Colours are created naturally using natural pigments, minerals and botanicals - pink clay or rosehip powder for pink, nettle leaf or plant chlorophyll for green, paprika and cayenne for oranges, turmeric or beta carotene for yellow and mineral pigments for blue. Bare essential say NO to animal testing and YES to biogradeable, recycled and recyclable packaging. All soaps are vegetarian friendly.

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NG25 Home is a collection of home fragrance developed by Carnill and Company in our home town of Southwell.

Southwell has been referred to as the jewel in Nottinghamshire's crown and the collection celebrates the town, the buildings and its notorious residents. 

Scents evoke memories in ways other senses cannot. A fragrance has the ability to take one on an emotional journey, inviting the mind to embark on an adventure to another dimensions and time. Our fragrances have been developed to unlock a door to another world that is long gone but familiar, ancient but timeless, vanished yet present still in a place that we love.

Our Scented Candles are Vegan Friendly, created using a blend of coconut and soy wax.

Our Reed Diffusers are oil based ensuring that they will not evaporate and will last over six months.

Our Room Sprays are skin friendly so double up as Body Sprays.

5 fragrances with 2 new fragrances launching in Autumn 2021.

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