Polished Cast Steel Nut Splitter
  • Polished Cast Steel Nut Splitter


    The nutcracker Nut Splitter is a graceful little utensil made from precision-cast steel and inspired by an archaic practice performed by farmers and foresters, who would crack nuts with both hands and with the help of a little pocket-sized punch.


    The designer's vision was inspired by small propeller-like maple seeds: a sign of freedom and of the bond between different cultures.


    With the war on single use plastic and cheap useless gifts in Christmas crackers why not create your own and include something useful and memorable!


    Created by Alessi in polished stainless steel and designed Jim Hannon-Tan, a Milan based designer.


    Alessi is an iconic Italian brand, producing some true design classics. Innovation, design, practicality and quality combined!