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Sophie James The Beetle Candle

Sophie James The Beetle Candle

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The Beetle – a rich woody fragrance with bergamot cardamom and ginger lifted by exotic ylang leading to an intense heart of cedar and clove, with jasmine and waterlily resting on a hard wood base of oak and sandalwood enriched by the warm tropical balsam of benzoin, vanilla pod, patchouli and dried fig.


The scarab beetle represents the ancient Egyptians. Cedarwood was possibly the first oil to be extracted from a plant and the first record of cedarwood’s use was by ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. Sumerians would use the oil as the base for their paints and grind cobalt compounds in a mortar and pestle to produce a blue pigment. Egyptians used it for it's preserving properties.


Made in the U.K.
Burn time – Up to 60 hours

100% vegan friendly, soy wax. 


There is no paraffin in Sophie James candles, which is better for your health and shouldn’t produce any black smoke/blackening on the glass provided that the wick is trimmed after every use.


Candle will burn cleanly to an oil leaving none/hardly any residue on the sides of the vessel.


Maximum fragrance oil to wax ratio, meaning that the candle is highly scented and should fill most rooms. Larger rooms and open spaces may need 2/3 candles for a stronger aroma.